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A really hot guy that many girls have a crush on, but they don't let that get to their head.They usually play sports and are generally very good at them. They have many friends, and have a lot of crushes. Shahbaz is just an awesome guy.
"I really like Shahbaz"
"Hey, me too! He's so good at playing football"
by L♥ve November 24, 2015
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Someone, no matter how hard someone tries, who refuses to be able to get killed.
Yes! I finally killed him.
What are you talking about? I'm still alive.
What the- you little Shahbaz! I shot you in the head using buckshot, and you still do not die?!
by Legend-Maker July 12, 2011
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Also known as trash; garbage; dirty
Commonly found on the side of streets, under the bridge and in old ugly classrooms.
Guy: Did you just see that Shahbaz?!

Girl: Don't you mean trash?!?!?!
by ayecuh May 17, 2016
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