"The city of subdued excitement." A city in Northwest Washington that is more commonly on the front page of the New York Times, than its own Bellingham Herald. Infamous for Western Washington University, as well as D.C. snipers, a pipeline explosion, beautiful scenery, and some aging hippies.
"All those people up there in Bellingham vote for Ralph Nader."
by Tim P March 13, 2006
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Bellingham MA. Home of the blackhawks that get excited if we win even a game. Close to boston and about 8 black kids and about 50 goth kids. Lots of school pride for this school.

Everyone smokes weed, and u f*cking bet everyone has a vape. There is almost nothing to do here so and the school system is so bad that everyone applies to BVT but not many people make it.. cause it’s bellingham.

You can find most of them at chili’s cause that’s the only place they go. No one really likes each other so people smoke weed in a group of three other people while messing around with other girls boyfriends. no one is stuck up because most of them are poor, we don’t even get laptops ...

A teacher tried to blow up the principals car, kids get suspended for vaping on a daily, everyone’s failing and did i mention our sports suck. We do have a pot lot just for the stoners of the school too.. oh bellingham, how embarrassing to graduate here.
by subssudbdudhsbdhdb March 26, 2018
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A city in northwestern Washington a few miles from the Canadian border, home to Western Washington University. It's the largest city north of Everett, but it keeps its "smalltown" feel with a large population of bicycle riding hippies and earthmuffins and a "whatever goes" sort of mood.

The bicyclists and pedestrians think they own the place, they will literally walk into a busy road and expect people to stop for them. Besides aging hippies, Bellingham is a haven for homeless people and meth-addicts, who rarely catch the attention of the police who are too busy passing out MIPs at college parties. The city is an interesting blend of hippies, yuppies, college students, homeless, drug-users, rednecks, white trash, Canadians and so forth.

Probably one of the easiest places to get inexpensive, quality marijuana in the pacific northwest.

The weather in Bellingham is known for being unpredictable, even for the region. It will literally go from 55 and sunny to snowing to hail to windstorm and back to sunny in an hour.

A good place to go to college, but if you want to actually do anything with your life, escape while you can. Bellingham has a way of luring people in and trapping them forever.
I just bought a dub from a bunch of Bellingham hippies. Now how the hell do I get out here?
by MGutierrez April 25, 2009
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A city located in Northwestern Washington that is full of tree-hugging, pot-smoking hippies. Home to Western Washington University and the D.C. sniper.
You can count the republicans in Bellingham on one hand
by Holddogg August 28, 2008
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A town in Bellingham, where middle schoolers are so obsessed with touching door frames three have broken so far, everyone vapes smokes, the bathroom smells like fruity tooty + burnt chicken and 63 is a great number. (63 felonies on a pedo teacher), our sport teams are shit other than maybe men’s volleyball (Joke)
Me: Let’s go boys let’s win this game!!
Every other town: I’m about to end this whole mans career

Bellingham news: another defeat as the shithawks continue their amazing record of 0-8
by Eskimo’s with big tits April 29, 2019
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A city located in N.W. Washington State. It is the largest northern city in the continental United States. If you ever visit this town, or for those who live here, you will no doubt come in contact with many different groups of people. These include: Hippies, Stoners, Drug-Addicts, Homeless People, Senior Citizens, Serial Killers, Canadaians, and on rare occasions, Black People.

A fact about Bellingham that not many people know about is that there have been more serial killers that have lived in Bellingham since 1886 than all the black people who live in Bellingham today.
Some public restrooms in Bellingham still have sign aboves them labeled "White" and "Colored".

Some famous actors and musicians have come from this small city.
Hilary Swank lived in Bellingham and attended Fairhaven Middle School and Sehome High School back in the 70's and 80's. But no one really cares about her.
Bands such as Idiot Pilot, Death Cab For Cutie, Black Eyes & Neckties and No-Fi Soul Rebellion have come from Bellingham. I'm not sure who actually listens to Death Cab.
To be honest with you, i'm not sure how they made it out of being a garage band.

Canadian drives make this town an awful place to be at. Canadians will drive down to Bellingham to go shopping at the world famous Wal*Mart and Bellis Fair Mall. While they are down here, you pretty much have to stay out of their path. They're crazy. Drunk drivers are safer drivers than those people.

I really don't recomend coming to Bellingham. Unless you want to buy really cheap weed.
by DrugieDrew August 23, 2008
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That chicks from Bellingham??? Wow, that's ghetto
by bob oblob April 7, 2011
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