n. A large well shaped barrel.

v. To puinsai a large well shaped barrel.
ho, that was a fuckin shack.

That kook somehow got shacked on that wave.
by sunset pirate March 29, 2006
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A term shouted once a situation between two men has become too sexually explorative.
Commonly used after a build-up of pornographical exchange and consequent discussion.
The term shack refers to the future of the relationship as becoming something of an obsession; resulting in the two involved living, one day, in a shack, watching porn, at the age of 63.
Chris: Don't you just love it when the chick turns around and does this thing where...
Tim: Oh my god I know! And then the DONKEY just goes ballistic on her tiny...
Tim: Yeah, true that.
by Simon Jackemof May 07, 2008
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A mixture of Shit, Ass, and Fuck.
Bitch i had such a shack last night. She had a great ass, and she shit while i fucked her ass.
by rollercoasterkid December 18, 2011
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Usually a really ugly red-haired kid or someone that looks like an orangutang.
"Oi shack you ugly cunt."
by Jaz88 May 25, 2020
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An unexpected sleepover at someone else's place. Sex may or may not happen. The term shacking does not apply to staying the night expectedly, when you have your own change of clothes and a toothbrush. A shack often involves borrowing or stealing the guy's clothes for the walk of shame the morning after, thus the term "shacker outfit."
"Yeah I shacked at his place last night after Paddy's."
"Nicole didn't come home last night, she shacked at Ryan's."
by uscgirl3494 March 03, 2016
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Shack has a 13 inch dick shack has the biggest dick I have ever seen.
Shack has a gigantic dick
by Shekeil May 29, 2018
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A person who could drive good recklessly like doin donuts, swervin, and driftin.
Aaron got shacks the other night at the slide show he was doin doughnuts and burnin rubber. Or you saw aaron drifting the other day he was shackin up.
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by richcity stunna September 10, 2020
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