1. Means yes, yeah.

2. When used in conjunction with "por," to make "por sha," it means 'for sure?'
Dude 1 - "Dude, she was totally smurfing him in the smurfing parking lot!"

Dude 2 - "Por sha?

Dude 1 - "SHAAAAA!"
by newtype89 August 08, 2008
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To say "ya" but "sha"(basiclly "ya" but in a funny way). or to agree
<unknown> Hey do u want to go to the theaters today? <unknown2>SHA!!
by isaac=i sag October 10, 2006
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stands for โ€œSnake HeadAssโ€ . when someone backstabs you and becomes a โ€œfake friendโ€
boy1: bro didnโ€™t you hear about what jennifer did?

boy2: no what she do?
boy1: she totally lied to you and went out with someone else!

boy2: damn .. she a S.H.A nahm sayin ?
by ThebestloveronEarth May 06, 2018
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Verb - The sharing of ones anus to another.
That girl is such a ho, she just shas all around town.
by Chris LaBonty May 13, 2006
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Sha - A slang term for shit.
"This is good Sha" - when refering to food.
by Tom April 20, 2005
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