1) devotional name used by some Roman Catholics to refer to the physical heart of Jesus Christ as a symbol of divine love.
2) a religious devotion to Jesus' physical heart.
The Sacred Heart is often depicted in Christian art as a flaming stylized heart, pierced and bleeding from a surrounding crown of thorns.
by princetonz August 28, 2006
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the best private school in bryn mawr representing a sense of person within each girl behind that gray colored kilt. Sacred Heart not only shows how each girl they picked to represent their school is so incredibly awesome, but how only the best of the best go there. point being... nothings better than sha.
the class of '04 made everything there better. they not only taught the youngens how to defy the law that is cdssh but they followed in previous footsteps and represented the school with independence and ability to do everything possible in life.
by class of '04 March 23, 2005
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whooops...i meant to define sacred fart! get a life you losers have to recruit people to actually win a game. look at you softball team..you suck ass when you dont recruit.
your softball team sucks ass! sacred heart needs to die under a rock for all i care!
by Go st. louis!!!! October 15, 2012
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A unique and slightly spastic network of predominantly single sex schools run mostly by nuns.
Sacred heart girls are usually identified by socially unacceptable behavior in public, plaid skirts, an entire group speaking all at once, or loud squeals that cannot be understood by anyone who did not attend said school.
Contrary to popular belief, Sacred Heart Girls are not lesbians and tend to be a tad boy crazy once allowed in public.
Known for their messy hair, loud demeanors, and occasionally hairy legs.
Dude, those chicks from the Academy of the Sacred Heart know how to throw a party.
by plaid demeanor July 5, 2008
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An exclusive all girls San Francisco private school, with an elementary school and high school. These girls defy all stereotypes they have been given, and when times get hard, they are as close as friends could ever be. When graduation comes around, it feels like sisters are being torn apart, so it doesn't matter what other schools, like Hamlin and Burkes, or SI or Lick say, because Convent girls always have each other. They dismiss all the names all schools have labeled them with, such as Whore House, or Hoes on a Hill, Bitches on Broadway, and so many more, because they are smart girls, with big dreams. Convent girls deserve more credit than they are given.
"Look at that girl with the short skirt and designer bag. She must go to Convent of the Sacred Heart"
"Ew. She looks like a hoe."
"No. You are wrong! She is a super nice convent girl."
by justansfkid January 31, 2012
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Sacred Heart Univeristy is a small, private Catholic University located on the boarder of Fairfield and Bridgeport. Despite the stereotype of Bridgeport, the area surrounding SHU isn't bad at all- it's actually really safe and you're really close to everything you need, including malls, inexpensive stores, and housing in nice areas that isn't half as expensive as Fairfield. The student body is primarily white, except for a few athletes, and usually come from NJ, NY, Long Island, CT, and Mass. The people are well groomed and usually good looking. You always see a familiar face around, and everyone is pretty friendly to one another- the school spirit is strong. Sacred Heart is a division 1 school in the northeast conference. Going out to clubs and bars can get pretty pricey, considering the most common form of transportation is taxi's/trains and being well dressed is a must, but it's always fun. If you're not so much into the club/bar scene, it's not hard to find a local house party going on. The school is pretty expensive, and the prices of food are ridiculous. Some of the rules are pretty stupid, but if you're decently smart you can get away with anything. The SHUttles take you to the trainstation, mall, grocery store, etc. so you really don't need a car, though it does come in handy. Though it's not an Ivy League school and you don't need to be in the top 5% to get admitted to Sacred Heart, if you don't do your work you won't be able to stay. The reputation of Sacred Heart is a rising one, and the internship/job opportunities they offer are amazing. All in all, if you get your work done you and do well you'll have a good future ahead of you and have a lot of time to have fun, too.
Sacred Heart University a small catholic school with a growing student body and reputation.

I had SHU spam mail
by SHUSTUDENT March 17, 2008
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A school located in San Francisco that is full with a background of different people. Not all of the people there are filthy rich, most of them are on financial aid or on a scholarship. Apparently, known as "The Whore House on the Hill" by haters who judge the school by its cover
Convent of the Sacred Heart is full of either nice people or snobs, you just have to meet the right ones.
by Lover478 September 15, 2010
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