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The need for Americans to attach notions of sexuality to ALL and ANY subject matter relating to the known physical universe - either for social/political or financial profit. Or in some cases to justify repressed sexual tendencies. Generally "Sexuallization" is done by those who do not posses abilities beyond the primordial functions - Eat - Fuck - Kill.
Two stoned bro's laying on the campus quad looking at the sky, skipping lecture and applying Sexuallization to the physical universe:

Bro #1: Hey, bro look at that cloud in the sky. It looks like a pair of tits.

Bro #2: Woah bro it does, let's tit fuck it! Uhuhuhu.

Meanwhile the student debt crisis and America's competitive edge in the world are reaching crisis levels.
by CSPyguy July 06, 2014
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