The theory that a concoction of inorganic compounds placed in the right environment can create life.
Started as primordial soup and now we here

we technology addicts now, take that dumb soup
by f£00f€R June 25, 2018
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A pubic bush on either the male, female or anything in between that has been neglected so long that it has never once been trimmed, shaved, waxed or maintained in anyway.
It is often seen raging out of control and in some instances it may be visible without the removal of ones clothes.
Tommy: So I was going down on this fat chick last night when i noticed she had a primordial bush going on. Nonetheless i proceeded with caution.

Matt: GET SOME!!!
by ziggyfreshsexbot January 19, 2011
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incredibly small, yet perfectly proportioned, people. exceeding no more than 38 inches in height
christian: DANG NIBS! did you see that primordial dwarf?!
emma: yes!! she is soooo tiny! :"omgzz~"
by HoTTiiieZ May 14, 2007
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being triggered to the point that your very soul screams in your moment of frustration and anguish
Person 1: Did Tony just address Juan as "him" instead of his gender-fluid pronoun?

Person 2: Yes, and it triggers Juan on a Primordial level.

Person 1: Thats one hell of a Primordial Triggering
by DabbingDaddy69 April 13, 2018
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that dangling thing on cats that you often mistake it for the cat being pregnant
person 1: yo is your cat pregnant
person 2: nah she has a primordial pouch
Person 1: WTF is that
by Walrus64 February 16, 2021
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When i was about to cum, i pulled out and cummed on her stomach giving her the Primordial soup.
by Djinn305 May 27, 2014
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Disgusting ooze that's been here for a really long time.
Davis looked like primordial ooze on Smallville when he came out of his spaceship during season 8
by primordial_ooze April 3, 2009
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