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What women use to manipulate men into getting things, also to put them at an advantage when they are truely equal but refuse to believe it.
1: Ill have sex with you if you give me jewelry.

2: You are discriminating me because i am a woman, now give me money.
by Damaddar August 9, 2004
a very good director and actor who was cursed with a gigantic forehead, other than that he kicks ass

Also being from Tennessee hes not a racist and hasn't commited incest, isn't that a miracle.
I can use that line because i am from TN
by Damaddar August 9, 2004
An attempt for ignorant women to complain that they aren't treated equal, when they are.
Can women vote? yes
Then why do they still think they aren't treated equal?
by Damaddar August 9, 2004
One of the few good female character actresses. Angelina Jolie in Tomb Raider isn't a good role because it forces the thought of big ass titties down girls brains.

Then again Uma seems to suggest ODing on Heroin and killing over 84 people in Kill Bill
She is a good actress. Simply put
by Damaddar August 9, 2004
The most badass server on Everquest
You play on Rallos Zek? you piece of crap pay 50 bucks for the transfer to E'ci
by Damaddar August 9, 2004
During the 1970s-80s black people thought it was smart to name thier babies with African names because they "sound cool", when black people don't care about true Africans who are treated shitty everyday.
Comedienne (forgot name sue me): The day after 9/11 my friend named her baby Taliban
by Damaddar August 9, 2004
Dance Dance Revolution

The only decent game at the Arcade, because you can buy everyother game for your console, YES YES I now there is a home version but it isn't as good as Arcade
Watch me bust a move and at the same time bust my ass.
by Damaddar August 9, 2004