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To engage in constant intercourse, to the point where you aren't in the mood for quite amount of time.
During our honeymoon, we constantly went at it to the point where we were both sexed out.
by Jalapeno Flavor September 06, 2010
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When, after a particularly good session of sexin, one party falls asleep for an exorbitant amount of time.
Sorry we missed your party Steve, my girlfriend was totally sexed out.

by David the King of Los Angeles February 07, 2009
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When your roommate is having sex in your room with someone, or being intimate with someone, and you can't go in it because you don't want it to be incredibly awkward. You're 'locked' out of your room.
I need to get my laptop out of my room before my roommate and her boyfriend come in and I get sexed out.
by angrii roommate February 01, 2011
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