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a sexual encounter to be kept a secret. most commonly occurs on tables, but can also take place behind school recreation centers.
hey, did you hear about dana and diego? Aint much of a sexcret anymore!", or "bro i really enjoyed our sexcret, meet me at the mandarin to replay it
by DdmeansDanaDiego March 16, 2011
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secret sex.

When you fuck and can't tell a soul.
John: "Dude, I fucked Sally, but she said I had to keep it a sexcret."
Ted: "Had to keep it a what?"
John: "A sexcret, secret sex."
Ted: "Good job."
John: "Oh Fuck."
by bonaire December 14, 2008
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B:Let's play the sexcret game tonight.
G:And what does that entail?
B:Well, we go around the room and everyone shares at least one of their sex secrets.
G:Like when the last guy I dated asked to pee on me?
B: You are getting the hang of it..
G: Yes!!
by Itwasalladream September 12, 2012
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When you have sex with someone but wanna keep it on the down low.
Girl #1: yo, I fucked Zack the other day.
Girl #2: No way, you're so lucky!
Girl #1: I know right, but don't tell anyone it's a sexcret; I don't want every other girl in the works to be jealous of me.
by ZackZeoli March 16, 2016
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1. a secret about sex
2. not wanting anyone to know about you'r sexual intercourse with someone
*just finished with sexual intercourse*
Teacher:" omg if someone did sout about this I'm totally screwed!"
Girl:"me too!"
Teacher:"how about this will be our little sexcret?"
by whiteboysaremyweakness August 12, 2014
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