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A United States Senator who has defined his legacy based on an illicit sexual relationship for which he was caught while in office but did not resign.

Usually, a Senator who publicly espoused an exuberant commitment to "Family Values" and the religious equivalent of a commitment to marriage vows, but who got his private priorities and private parts mixed up and was involved in sex escapades with another.
The continuing saga of Sexator John Ensign, arising from his sexual involvement with his wife's best friend, expands almost daily with more leaks and stories from his political cohorts that lived with him at the C Street Fraternity.

Sexator Ensign is proud of his public support of the "Protect Marriage" bill even though he didn't have the strength of character to protect his own from his personal infidelity.
by benighse July 23, 2009
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Someone who can easily make a conversation sexual. Specifically with only one comment. Because of the swift change in conversation, it most commonly becomes too awkward to continue. Proceeding in an awkward turtle moment.
Bob: It's so hot today.
Sexator: Like me.
Bob: ...


Fionna: It's soaking outside. Just look how wet I am.
Gary: That wasn't the rain. That was me.
Fionna: ...
by MrGaryGaza July 17, 2011
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