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This word means "love" in Turkish and other languages and can also be derived from the name, Severino, which can mean "severe". Together it can mean "tough love". By itself it means love, which can be any type of love from friendship to life to romance to compassion. Both men and women have this name, though worldwide it is quite uncommon.
"The warmth of sevi emanated from within" To call someone a "sevi person" is to say that are unusually loving, or possibly also stern in their expression of love, or that love can be severe because of the powerful effects it has.
by smartcup March 29, 2013
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the b.a.l.l.s. ;

totally awesome in any which way or form ;

super fast.


this car is sevi.

i'll move at the speed of sevi and beat you.

your so sevi. i love you!
by bellville high school April 02, 2007
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the professional word for "shoe maker"
also a name for a verrrrrry very large adams apple
"Whats her job?" "Shes a sevi."

"Hes cute.."
"Except for the sevi on his neck."
by fionnnnnnnnnnlovesclocks February 28, 2009
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