A 2006 film, under the horror-comedy genre, directed and written by Christopher Smith. It stars a widely unknown cast, consisting of Danny Dyer, Laura Harris and Tim McInnerny. The film follows a team of employees from Palisade Defence, who embark on a team-building exercise, only for it to turn into a fight for survival, after blood-crazed war criminals attack the team in revenge for the mutations they have suffered under the weapons that the team market. Mostly filmed on the Isle of Man and in Hungary, this film did poorly at the box office, with a mere £1.3 million being made worldwide.
A. Did you see Severance at the movies???
B. Yeah! It was Awesome!!!
by James Mayhew April 03, 2007
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Sever, sunder, split. Separate, divide imply a putting apart or keeping apart of things from each other.
I will bid farewell
SEVER the ties
Now your heart beats back with deception
You have been forsaken
Leave behind all reminders of you!
"A Bid Farewell" by Killswitch Engage.
by Braulio Pereira Filho October 24, 2006
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1) adj. Being of a number more than two or three but not many.
2) pron. An indefinite but small number; some or a few.
1) I've defecated several times today. I shouldn't have eaten those All Bran this morning.
2) Several of my friends did try to rape me.
by AntiAnto September 17, 2006
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Lisa Simpson: What did I get wrong?
Superintendant Chalmers: Several answers.
Lisa Simpson: Several!? That's more than a few! And almost a bunch!
The Simpsons season 20 How the test was won
by SnowWhitesPoisonApple May 17, 2011
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v. tr.

1. To set or keep apart; divide or separate.
2. To cut off (a part) from a whole.
3. To break up (a relationship, for example);
" I severed ties with my former wwife, due to her interests in comitting adultery. "
by Alexandra* September 19, 2005
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To describe many without knowing the exact content.Crackheads usually use this word to exaggerate some gear that they are trying to boost.
Dopeman "Yo, whats this bullshit you trying to sell me?"

Crackhead"It a hbo box"

Dopeman " this will hook up to my t.v.?"

Crackhead" Yeah man, this goes to several different kinds of t.v.'s

Dopeman " Man get yo punk ass outta here. Don't come around here no more!"
by bruno t October 17, 2009
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awesome, cool, hot.
anything positive.
That chick is severe.
I just had the most severe hamburger
by Jack May 19, 2004
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