Too smart for her own good
Lisa Simpson, your test score was 187%, and the max was 100%.
by Ozzy The Gamer Dog October 27, 2020
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Smartest and most complex member of the Simpson family. One of the few Simpsons characters lacking a catchphrase.
Simpsons episodes featuring Lisa Simpsons as the main character are often more emotionally resonant than those featuring other characters.
by WWW.FOOLED-MOMMY.TK October 14, 2004
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Person that is very morally aware and politically correct, especially that which is among people whos morals are distinctly lacking.
"Lets go throw my mum's jewellery at cars while wearing no pants and playing Fuck The Police on my stolen stereo."
"No thats morally wrong."
"I hate you Lisa."
by JesusWritesPunkSongs January 24, 2005
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The only character in "The Simpsons" that takes the fun out of everything that Homer and Bart do. Teamed with Marge, any episode revolving around these two can be dismissed as a waste of time and thus, Matt Groening should be kicked in the face for creating these characters' horrible personalities.
Fan1: Dude! Did you see that episode when Homer had the huge BBQ in his back yard?

Fan2: Isn't that when Lisa became a vegitarian and runied the whole outing?

Fan1: Yeah... Stupid Lisa...
by Someone you think you know August 9, 2005
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a dumb little girl with triangles for hair who only cares about math and saxaphone and makes simpsons unfunny
"bruh i hate lisa simpson"

"same man"

"wanna date?"
by synonym!? March 17, 2022
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Nerd:5x45of 56 divided by the hologram of personification during 360 degrees of farenheit....
by NotThePwnerer August 17, 2006
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Someone who is "politically active" due to their narcissistic personality disorder or ill-conceived search for identity and meaning in life. Often caught lecturing others about every single thing that is wrong with society, but not interested in giving up any of their own luxuries or volunteering for any of the actual hard work.

The phrase itself is a reference to Lisa's habit of hijacking social interactions to shame and patronize others with her political and moral absolutism. Best exemplified in the episode 'Bart Star' (Season 9, Episode 6); where Lisa attempts to insert herself to fight for issue after issue, and is thwarted each time with news of morally neutral or even positive solutions to each issue Lisa has raised. In the end, Lisa runs away to cry because rather than truly caring about these issues, Lisa shows us that she only uses them to construct what she thinks is an exciting personal identity in an otherwise dull life.
Phil has become such a Little Lisa Simpson about the environment on social media lately.
Yeah, he sure as fuck burns every ounce of that jet-fuel his parents pay for though.
by HariFontaine February 13, 2019
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