A tremendous metal band responsible for three of the best albums ever put on CD and a ferocious live act. KsE blend heavy metal riffage, great lyrics and a superb sense of melody to create a superb band.
'Rose Of Sharyn' is a great example of their music.
by Ali October 25, 2004
Truly exellent "newcomer band" on the Heavy Metal scene. Their newest album is just awesome (their first albums were cool as well), the production is really great. Blends agressive guitar riffs and heavy drums with lyrics emphasizing love, respect and other good things wich make them truly unique! Keep them heads bangin' Howard!
Me: Man, I wish KsE would come to Tallahassee some time!
by Decay December 14, 2004
Good to see so much support for such an awesome band. All you manufactured pop music faggots take your heads out of your advertising and popularity concerts and listen to rage in music. Also check out lamb of god
"Killswitch rocked download 2005! Again next year?"
by Moose Lord June 27, 2005
Great metal band which blends aggressive metal verse into a melodic chorus.
by Anonymous October 22, 2003
Truly one of the greatest metal bands of our time. Far better thany any of this nu-metal crap, they combine heavy riffs and bellowings with a truly beautiful chorus that culminates in tunes that define true Goths with posers.
Their best songs are Fixation on the Darkness and When Darkness Falls.
Killswitch Engage had an excellent track, When Darkness Falls, on the Freddy vs. Jason soundtrack.
by Jason Voorhees October 25, 2003
Band that restored this punk rocker's faith in metal!
Man, I haven't been listening to much metal anymore, but killswitch engage knocked me on my ass!
by shawn May 18, 2004
The greatest metal band of all time. Killswitch Engage rocks my sox!
Person A: What kind of music do you listen to?

Person B: Pop....

Person A: .......Fag.. -_-

Person B: What's wrong with pop music?

Person A: Go buy some Killswitch Engage...
by ☺╦ù♦ April 17, 2007