In a state of euphoria in which the person experiences true relaxation at its fullest. Originated by Go Dav, rapping legends from the Bay Area, CA. YEE!!
Steve: Ey fool, you alright?

Bob: Yeah dude, I'm hella settled right now.
by juzzblazee April 22, 2007
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the act of giving up someone you love or something of value for less than desired, the act of not being able to satisfy your need or want and choosing someone or something of lower standard or value.
after Jack broke-up with Sasha because of her craziness, Sasha had to settle for a loser to marry who would put with her naggin'.
by Sgthawk December 19, 2013
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Like maybe, just maybe you found "the one" him or her. You actually WANT to do this. It feels right. It's more than okay. Like never leave. I fucking want this forever. Make sense?
Settling in is a very good thing. Are YOU ready for it? He or she wants all of you. Today, not tomorrow. Present tense. Not past. Live for today. "Settling in." Purposeful living all the way. There is no other way. Well, you do want and deserve to be happy, right? We all do. Love deeply and freely without condition. Do it today. I challenge you.
by Femalesheep June 15, 2014
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When one chooses to become romantically involved with someone who is not as impressive, but just as simple to be with, as the best available because it's easier.
A person who is looking out for herself should never settle out of spite, but perhaps can playfully think it.
by Ereck Flowers March 15, 2015
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The point in a woman's life where she feels that she has met the right partner, thus disregarding all focus on keeping her figure on point. Becoming the new Snorlax.
Kyle: Damn, Joe, Anna has definitely gotten real comfy with you, she's settling down for sure.
Joe: Well yeah we've grown very close these past 2 years.
Kyle: She's grown more than just close my friend.
by VenimusTitan September 13, 2014
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