2 definitions by VenimusTitan

The point in a woman's life where she feels that she has met the right partner, thus disregarding all focus on keeping her figure on point. Becoming the new Snorlax.
Kyle: Damn, Joe, Anna has definitely gotten real comfy with you, she's settling down for sure.
Joe: Well yeah we've grown very close these past 2 years.
Kyle: She's grown more than just close my friend.
by VenimusTitan September 13, 2014
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Pygophile, or (Pygophilia) is the intense attraction, and undying affection for the human buttocks.
Many people nowadays, mainly women, are blessed with saint-like, onion asses. Creating a new breed of male/female, the Pygophile.
by VenimusTitan April 27, 2016
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