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A Japanese honorific used when someone is older than you in age or they have more experience in a field than you. The opposite being Kouhai

It is usually a troup in anime or manga for a Kouhai to desperately seek their Senpai's attention but fails as because their senpai ignores them continuously.
"Kumagi-senpai was really nice to me today. He even offered me to go drinking with him after work!"
by tanabata March 13, 2016
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a Japanese word used to address or describe an upperclassman,senior, or someone of a higher age
Irena- senpai is my mentor
by japanese bookworm July 10, 2015
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Someone who will never notice you.
Wow! I hope senpai notices me this year!
by Senpai August 15, 2012
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someone who is more experienced and is a role model to you; opposite of kohai, who is the 'protegé'; the senpai is often recognised for being wise and having knowledge to teach his kohl
by definitionmasteriknow February 01, 2018
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(Japanese)An Upperclassman. Used in relation to fellow classmates of higher level or age. It can be used like -chan or -san as well as by itseld. I.E.: "Urameshi-senpai" or just "senpai"
"Sempai! You're going to be later for class!"
by Sashiro September 27, 2004
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•Has N O T H I N G to do with the wordlove
•Meaning - upperclassman or worker in higher position in the same place in japanese
•Antonym - kohai/underclassman or new/lower position worker
•This has n o t h i n g to do with gender
•A bad variant of the word - Paisen
`gachaverse user with no life: my "senpai" doesn't notice meee >< (the """"senpai"""" might tehnically be called that, or it could be a person in the same class as them, or have nothing to do with their profecion)
`me: *s i g h*
female japanese worker: Senpai, can i help you with those boxes?
male (jap) first year student: Was i supposed to bring you these papers senpai?
by Ch0clateM1lk July 28, 2019
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