The Supreme Chancellor is somebody who is a Sith lord, that goes by the name of "The Senate". "The Senate" is the most powerful in the galaxy, second to him being his apprentice. His master, as you may have heard of in "The Tragedy of Darth Plagueis The Wise", trained him. This man goes by another alias as "Sheev Palpatine", being his name by birth, but not his name in trade.

The Senate
Copyright: "Arresting the Supreme Chancellor is treason. Treason. Is against. The law."
by Grocks9 May 22, 2017
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A position, undeniably a god-like status, that is predominantly desired among graduating seniors. It involves complete dominance over the associated student government, unquestioned supremacy over the land, and indubitable preeminence over any "Grand Overlord".
"I heard that Alan wants to run for Supreme Chancellor; it would truly be an honor to serve under him with ultra-enthusiasm!"
"The Grand Overlord is threatening to destroy my family! I must seek the Supreme Chancellor's unquestionable genius to stop him!"
by Wu Zhao Frederick February 17, 2008
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A person whom is responsible for coordinating and orchestrating the pick up and delivery service of customers who service their vehicles at a dealership. This individual additionally executes the retrieval of specific parts that are necessary for the repair facility to successfully and efficiently complete repairs to a customer's vehicle. This person is also the lead in collecting additional items to support and aid the Fixed Operation staff in continuing to perform at a high level of customer satisfaction, like coffees.
The Supreme Grand Chancellor of Dealer Logistics was such a polite gentleman. He was a delight to speak to while he was giving me a shuttle ride back to my house from the dealership.
by ADMIGS October 8, 2020
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