A form of hurting yourself when very sad/depressed
"please don't do self-harm it's not good for you"
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by a.no.one October 15, 2018
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when you purposely hurt yourself.
examples of self harm are cutting, taking drugs, drinking, starving yourself.
by mypseudonymoof March 20, 2019
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Self harm is a way allot of people cope with their feelings.It can generate from the mental illness 'Depression' and is a very serious topic.Self harm can consist of Cutting themselves,scratching themselves,pinching themselves and punching/hitting themselves.
"Hannah used to self harm,she got help and shes alright now"
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by Hellforbidhannah July 04, 2018
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Something where someone who may or may not be suicidal either cuts into there arms and legs or burns them selves, it is a copping stragady.
Omg did you see Libby today she has cuts all on her arm

I know she probably self harms

Yeah bet it’s for attention

No she could be dealing with some shit it’s not our business
by Unicornofdeath_ June 30, 2018
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The act of hurting one's self. Usually done as a way to release painful emotion, feel something etc. Types of self-harm include burning, cutting scratching, biting, breaking bones, bruising. Some may do it for attention, though people mostly don't.

If you're doing this, please please stop. This won't make your state better, no matter how you feel after doing it. Please see help. It's not shameful to want help.
P1: I want to confess something.
P2: What is it?
P1: I have been self-harming, specifically cutting and burning myself.

P2: I'm glad you are okay and talking to me. Please don't do this anymore, it isn't healthy and it won't make things better. Is there anything I can do?
by scotchless April 06, 2021
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Selfharm is doing shit to yourself like cutting and that kinda shit. The people who do it its most of the time because they wanna feel pain and not think about anything but that pain.
I do selfharm because I dont wanna think, only wanna feel.
by NoOneWillCare February 10, 2019
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