Self-Harm is the new Suicide.

Self-Harm is like Suicide with all of the short-term pain, low-self esteem, lack of respect for yourself, friends and family, etc, but none of the long-term side-effects (i.e. Death).

Self-Harm is basically Suicide for the Commitment-Phobic.
When I were a lad we had nowt to do wi' this Self-harm malarkey.
by Dr Pinch October 14, 2006
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Do not do it because it’s not worth your life you are needed bubba <3 and you matter
Jake: I don’t think I can take it much longer
Raven: dude no you got this don’t let others bring you down self harm isn’t how you should deal with things
by Cooolkid cookie March 26, 2021
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Dave: You alright there Steve you look a little uncomfortable?
Steve: Nah mate my nob is red raw, I overinduleged in some self harm whilst watching loose women earlier.
by superjac March 27, 2008
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To harm yourself when depressed or emo generaly across or up the arm/wrist but sometimes hearts n stars are cut into ones arm as a sign of love for their other half
emo mike:i love you so much i cut a neurotic star in my arm.
emo deb: omfg, its true love
chav:self harm, must be emo
by stephanie joanne September 30, 2006
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