Someone who self-harms do this because they are often sad, they feel that feeling pysical pain will drown thier emotional pain. Not accociated with goths or punks or emo, it can happen to anyone. Although, some people do it for attention. Shoot those people.
She cuts herself because her boyfriend dumped her, so she uses self-harm to cause pysical pain, to drown out her emotional pain.
by Miss. Unique March 03, 2006
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self harm is the act of harming the self.
This can include cuttiing, burning alcohol, drug or solvent abuse, self brusing and hair pulling triciollomania mongst other things. It is a coping method not a failed suicide attempt or a sign of being "emo"
Im worried about Janet, I think shes started to self-harm, she hasnt taken her hoodie off all summer.
by Howlie February 20, 2008
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The act of intentionally harming one's self without the intent to die. The most common forms are cutting, burning, scratching, excessive skin picking, and pulling out hair. Some less common forms are head-banging, bone breaking, self poisoning through ingesting toxic things, and even amputation. Some people also consider smoking, disordered eating, and excessive alcohol consumption to be forms of self harm.
For the most part, self-harm is not an attention-seeking behavior. Most often it is a coping mechanism which serves to get relief from overwhelming emotions. It may also be a way to punish one's self. Self harm releases endorphins, chemicals whose function is to decrease pain, which makes an individual feel better, possibly even euphoric.
When I'm angry or depressed, I feel like the only thing I can do is self harm. It's the only way I know how to make myself feel better.
by SomethingWiccaThisWayComes November 08, 2014
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Self harm is self explanatory. It is inflicting physical pain on your body through cutting, burning, hitting, and many other things. Self harm can also be considered abusing drugs harmful to your body. Usually it takes alot of mental and emotional pain. As a victim of self harm i had cut and burned. If you have ever cut or self harmed then you know what this is and why you did it. It offers you a release to your mental and emotional pain by distracting it with physical pain. It becomes an addiction and its hard to stop. At first it hurts. But then the more you do it, it becomes numb. It will only get worse and worse. If you are self harming, thinking of self harming, or used to self harm, know this, you are not helping yourself. Your hurting yourself even worse. I have scars on my arms that will not fade away. I was addicted and couldnt stop. You will regret it. You will be insecure about it. You are beautiful. Whether you are a male or female you are beautiful. You dont need to do this to yourself. Because it feels good at the moment, but crushes you at the next. Stay strong. Dont hurt yourself please
Why do you self harm your body
by musicbaby July 03, 2014
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Self harm means hurting yourself on purpose. Some people do it to escape there problems or some problems do it for attention. But not all of them. The people who keeps bringing it up every second is trying to get attention probably. I would know because i have cut myself before and it’s very addicting. I had to get it off my chest so I told one of my friends. Then they told me to tell it to one of my other friends if I wanted to. I was really glad I got it off my chest. I hope you guys don’t go through the same issues I’ve went through. I made a depressing playlist on Spotify. I had suicidal thoughts. I cried every time I saw something that could kill and I cried every time I hear these voices say bad things. Hope you guys don’t go through this. All u have to do is stay strong and brave. And my friends were worried when I told. They literally text me plz don’t end this. Everybody cares about you and loves you. Life would not be the same without u. I’m tired see ya. Ps. Plz don’t go through this. Later. Peace ✌️
Friend 1: are you okay?
Person: uhh. Ya. (Crying inside. Trying to hide her cuts
Friend 1: let me see your hands
Person: fine
Friend 1: omg. Have you been self harming yourself?
Person : I guess
You will get through this
by Yourmumgay bruh May 31, 2019
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usually in the aftermath of some trauma which may have occured during ones formative years. A violation and ungodly act of hurt caused by the callous insensitivity of those who should know not to pick on those who are way too vulnerable, and simply can't take it. Revulsion and anger towards the physical self perhaps because of some deep hurt, i.e, abuse, bullying, sexual aggression, etc cetera.
Self harm as an act can encompass a variety of destructive behaviours, from cutting, burning, to shaving ones hair. I slashed my arms to ribbons due to a fragile mental state, 'cause i felt violent towards "them", for crossing a boundary with me, they thought i was "weird" and relentlessly mocked and degraded me, got used as a sexual punching bag when much younger. Has a devastating impact on sufferer, loss of sound mind, proper emotional development, limited life opportunities, inability to have healthy human relationships, don't trust others that they won't end up hurting me, just like all the rest. Hopelessness and apathy about mankind. A throbbing heart.....I could write a novella about it!
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An addictive act of cutting, hitting, burning, ect. ones self. The majority of people think self harm is a form of "attention seaking", with most cases it's not. However there's people who do self harm as a way to make people feel bad for them. Most people who self harm started doing it because of depression but now they cannot stop because thats the only escape they have.
"I self harm as an escape...not for attention"
"I self harm to take the edge off my feelings"
by small.persons October 14, 2017
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