One of the biggest mistakes people assume with self harm is that it’s just for attention. Self harm is more of a way of punishing themselves or thinking they deserve to be in that kind of pain. I remember having a conversation with someone who thought of self-harm as an attention thing, but he didn’t know that I was self harming at the time. He would talk about how, it was annoying when girls would talk about it, and “it’s an attention thing girls do”. And that literally broke me. I thought that opening up to people about it would help me, but before I could try, the walls came up again. Self-Harm is not smth used for attention. Those who self-harm, hide the scars so no one can see, and they would not be slicing their bodies and creating scars for attention. It hurts. If you want attention, you won’t do smth that hurts. Anyways just wanted to clear that up and know that if you don’t fully understand it, you are not allowed to have an opinion on it. Self-harm has triggers, the thoughts in your head die down for a couple hours, but one word or one bad thing can trigger the urge to self-harm. It is an addiction. Once you start, you can’t stop, it just gets worse and worse until you cant take it anymore and you do smth you may or may not live to regret. For those who are thinking of self-Harm, please don’t start. It’s an addiction. Just please find the strength to stop yourself<3 I love you and I’m proud of you. You didn’t come this far to ONLY come this far.
Self-Harm is a dark, lonely dangerous path, that I hope you can find the strength to not go down<3
by I’m proud of you December 21, 2019
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Self harm is the worst way to cope with your problems. A little bit of background info on what it is, its a form of coping/therapy to people who clearly have a hard time. I hate it when people assume that its for attention and they think its funny to call someone barley hanging on to life "emo" or "attention seeker". I know this because I am in that current state. I shouldn't be doing something so horrible to myself but its a addiction that progresses and get worse as you keep doing it. I am making this due to my own actions and my friends actions, it hurts me to see people turn out like me especially at my age. Self harm is a way of hurting yourself because you think you deserve it (In my own experience that's how I felt). And the horrible people who think its funny to see someone in pure pain can all go to hell. Self harm is so bad for your health and it puts you in the dark state i'm in, its a path I want nobody to go through. And the people who purposely hurt themselves for attention, I hope they are miserable. Self harm hurts so bad mentally and psychically. People think self harming is attention seeking and it hurts because nobody really understands till they end up in the same state of the person. To anyone thinking about self harm, please don't..Its a addiction that doesn't stop when it starts, Please find someone to talk to and take care of yourself. Drink some water and please stay safe <3
"Hey _____ likes self-harm what a fucking emo haha!"

"You sick fucking bastard don't speak to me again."
by I love alex <3 March 23, 2022
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Someone who self-harms do this because they are often sad, they feel that feeling pysical pain will drown thier emotional pain. Not accociated with goths or punks or emo, it can happen to anyone. Although, some people do it for attention. Shoot those people.
She cuts herself because her boyfriend dumped her, so she uses self-harm to cause pysical pain, to drown out her emotional pain.
by Miss. Unique March 3, 2006
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Self-harm refers to deliberate, intentional actions taken by an individual to cause physical harm to themselves. It is often associated with emotional distress, mental health issues, and a coping mechanism for dealing with intense emotions or psychological pain. Common methods of self-harm include cutting or scratching the skin, burning oneself, hitting or punching oneself, pulling out hair, or intentionally interfering with wound healing.

It's important to note that self-harm is not typically a suicide attempt, although it can be a risk factor for suicide. People who engage in self-harm often do so as a way to cope with overwhelming emotions, to regain a sense of control, or to express their emotional pain when they don't have the words to describe it. It can become a maladaptive coping mechanism, providing temporary relief but not addressing the underlying issues.

Self-harm is often associated with mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety, borderline personality disorder, or eating disorders. It is crucial for individuals who engage in self-harm to seek professional help from mental health experts, therapists, or counselors. Treatment may involve therapy, medication, and developing healthier coping mechanisms to manage emotions and stress.
If you or someone you know struggles with self-harm or suicidal ideation, please don't be afraid to reach out. It may be scary, but it will help you so much in the long run. I love you. Keep going. <3
by u-fig June 12, 2023
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The act of intentionally hurting oneself, usually by cutting one's wrists/arms with a knife.
Self-Harm is a hallmark of end-stage depression. Oftentimes, the person just feels no numb inside that they just want to be able to feel something, no matter what the sensation may be. They often (if not always) wear long-sleeve shirts to conceal their wounds, lest someone discover them and realize something is very, very wrong.

Self-harming is very serious and should not be ignored. If you know someone who is doing it, get them to a hospital. Let them know they are loved and that they matter. And if you are that person...Read that last sentence again. You have a place in this world. No matter how difficult it may be to find your place...don't give up. Suicide does not end your suffering your good; it transfers it to your friends and family. Speaking of which, they care for you, too. (Or at least, I hope they do.)
by Someone who kinda exists August 23, 2021
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A form of hurting yourself when very sad/depressed
"please don't do self-harm it's not good for you"
by October 15, 2018
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Self-harm is when you hurt yourself on purpose. This includes, swallowing harmful chemicals, cutting yourself, overdosing and many more. One of the most common forms of self-harm is cutting. A lot of people get judged for self-harming, because they apparently want attention. This is just a stereotype. Some people do self-harm for attention, but not everyone. Most people self-harm as a form of escape, or to show they have feelings, or to show how they feel on the inside on the outside. Not many people understand cutting and they think it's stupid. They don't understand how addictive cutting is, once you start it becomes a sort of painkiller, a way to release the pain you're feeling inside. Also don't say to someone who cuts that it's for attention. If someone walks around with their scars showing it could mean they want attention, or it could mean that they aren't afraid to show people that they had cut... Sometimes it means that they want people to like them mistakes and all. I know all of this because I cut myself for two years. I managed to stop after telling my parents. It's a hard thing to stop once you've started, it's very addictive. If you know someone who cuts themselves just be there for them, if they want to talk about it let them ramble on until they've gotten it all out; that way they won't feel like no-one's listening. Make sure they know that you care because it always helps knowing that someone is there for you
"You self-harmed? What's wrong?!"
"Everything.... I just feel like no-one understands"
"Tell me what's up, and I'll try my hardest to understand"
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