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Self harm refers to the willful act of harming oneself. Many people simply group its many forms under "cutting," but this is technically incorrect. Self harming is usually triggered by an underlying behavioural or emotional disorder, such as depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, or bipolar disorder, or total lack of feeling. The main reason why people self harm is because it simulates an attack, and produces endorphins, among other hormones, which provide comfort to the self harmer. However, there are many dangers in self harming:
-If the self harmer cuts a little too deep, they might not be able to stop the bleeding.
-Hepatitis B, and other blood-bourne diseases.
-Scars are unattractive. At best.
Additionally, it's highly addictive and hard to break. It's equivalent to ending an eating disorder. The psychological addiction level is very high, as one might suspect, but there is a physical aspect of the addiction: The hormones released after an act of self harm are tangible things which can be very difficult to be separated from. While someone is quitting self harming, there may be disturbing outward manifestations of the desire to harm, such as sadism. These symptoms will pass with time.
In short, self harm disorder is not something to be trifled with. Its association with a certain style of clothing and music is unfortunate, and self harming to try and conform with this twisted stereotype. The will to fit in will fade quickly, but the scars are immortal.
Self harm brings nothing but pain and misery.

Can you reach for the stars, with the scars on your wrists weighing you down like leaden shackles on damned souls?
by Phobic Delusions July 24, 2010

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