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A really smart, beautiful girl who is nice, caring, loving and generous. She sometimes has self-esteem issues, so give her a compliment even if she denies it. A wonderful friend with a great sense of humor. She will never let you down.
"Omg Sejal, you're a GENIUS!!!!!!!!!"
"No I'm not, I'm dumb."
"Stop lying, Sejal."
by dd512017 April 13, 2015
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A really loud and annoying boy/girl - no one actually knows. Sejal's don't know how to shut up but they're quite fun to speak to. If you've ever met a Sejal you're quite lucky so don't ever lose them. They can be sassy so if you can handle them that's you're your own problem.
"Shut up Sejal!"
"No thank you :)"
by Imbetterthanyoouuu September 18, 2017
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(n) The most amazing, perfect, funny, and gorgeous girl you will ever meet! She's known for her sexy and outgoing style, and knows how work it. Usually a person of Indian origin, but the name has became so likeable that it has spread to other parts of the world!
I want a sejal!
by wackawackalikeshakira March 30, 2011
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n. Describes a conservative girl with an affection for blowjobs.
She's such a sejal. A hummer is all she ever thinks about.
by God of Water March 27, 2009
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A girl/ boy that loves to brag about or exaggerate insignificant things that no one cares about,
Oh my gosh she won't stop talking! What a Sejal!! πŸ™„
by frizzy5272hogo May 09, 2018
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