An extremely sexy and sensual girl. She's intelligent and amazing. Very good at bed, she can make you scream like no other. She'll change your world to make it better. She loves music and receives peace from lyrics and melodies. Her love's incredible. She may not show it, but she is a super loving and passionate person. Sometimes she isn't the best person in the world but she can make it up. You 'll never be bored with Seelie. Take care of her.
Do you know Seelie? I fucked with her last night, she was absolutely amazing.

I get an orgasm when I saw Seelie.
by ghostsinsidemyveins August 14, 2014
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In a total state of relaxation and no qualms.

Named after Tom Seely.
Lets get Seely
by Tomisgooood February 18, 2011
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Seely is very crazy. Sometime can be a bit of a brat. Seely is very attractive. She has a lot of friends and doesn’t be mean. She’s the type of person to love to throw parties with. She has a great personality and can dance really good.
“Omg this party is great” “yeah obviously because seely threw it!!”
by I like weed eaters June 19, 2019
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Seelies are also known as faeries, or the Fair Folk. Pixies, nixies, and elves are also considered Seelies. They cannot lie, though they use evasive and distraction tactics to avoid directly answering questions they do not want to.They are an extremely manipulative, cunning, and mischievous race of Downworlders, their angel and demon blood attributing to both their beauty and malevolence.
the seelies cannot lie but they can twist the truth
by seryna March 15, 2021
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Chad seely is the most amazing person. He knows how to treat his gf and he can play fortnite and love his gf at the same time. Most genuinely sweet and caring guy, when you need him he’s there. He’s knows how to put a smile on his girlfriends face. His gf loves him very much
by Chads gf March 25, 2018
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