When a man ejaculates without a condom on into another man's ass or ( a vagina but it's mostly a gay reference).
"I just really want to get seeded tonight!"
by Bootylolwhy February 25, 2015
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When you nut so fast you don’t realize what has begun
Blake:yo bro I fucked savannah last night
Oz: are you sure you did seeded in her
9 months later
Blake:dude I’m gonna be a dad
Oz: I told you so
by Big booty boy March 21, 2019
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Number of users with the file on a file sharing network.

Also, a variable number in an algorithm that changes based on this number, "the seed".
The seed of a random number generator is usually time.
by Resorath June 26, 2004
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Derek Wolf Planted his seed in his wife. She accepted all of his seed. His seed is growing.
by Deez September 18, 2003
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When one dude cums inside another dude who is really horny and he wants to own him with his cum so he pushes it all inside him and makes him take every last drop of it with no condom holding it back
"Brady Quinn fucked me good last night, so fucking good, was an awesome seeding, he owns me"
by Brady's Bitch December 22, 2009
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meaning either your sperm, which you plant to grow a 'child' or a child which you have to feed to make him/her grow.
Is that your seed in her belly?
by cErTiFiEd December 14, 2004
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The act of enabling files for redistribution for Torrents and other file sharing systems.
Seeding at least what you take is important, that is why it is called "file sharing."
by asus2000 September 9, 2011
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