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Noobs who cannot take a lost in armed combat.
Noobs that know that they will die in combat.
Noobs that relies on someone else to heal them even though they'll get owned again.
Noobs that think they will get a comeback after being healed but end up having the highest death streak of both teams.
Joe:"Wow some second chance noob got a lucky headshot on me after I mauled him down. No skill at all, bro."

*Gets healed*
*Gets Semtex'd along with healer*
by DamePlz March 16, 2011
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Something everyone should deserve. Unfortunately this happens very rarely in real life.
Give me a second chance to prove that I can be a good man
by BigManIsBig December 25, 2018
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One of the two prominent stories by well-known authors from the Veritas, the flamers of the Percy Jackson community on Fanfiction. A story that has provides a new twist to the Percy Jackson ending in The Last Olympian, in which Percy has become a star-crossed lover with the majority of the male demigods he encounters. Full of slash and teen boy angst, it is becoming a popular term for gender confused Fanfiction authors.
Boy: "Did you see that new kid's story the other day, talk about a Second Chances."
Girl: "He's really creepy, but that kind of thing gets me excited.
by Theia47 November 05, 2010
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Something I don’t give; forgiveness after someone has screwed you
β€œI’m sorry, will you forgive me?” β€œNah man I don’t give second chances.”
by Definitions daily December 30, 2017
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Some people try to make the point that you only get so many second chances. Once you get past one second chance, you don't get any more second chances, you're already on your third chance.
Once you die, you stop at the second chance, the fourth chance, or the chance you were on, but you never get another second chance after you've had one second chance.
by Solid Mantis April 05, 2020
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