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In the 2010 video Call of Duty: Black Ops when a player excessively uses the second chance pro perk and heavily relies on its ability to be healed. They usually get quite cranky when no one wants to save their ass even though they keep dropping into second chance again and again. A sign of a crappy player. Term named for the appearance that players in second chance resemble which is a slut lying on her back with her legs spread begging for it.
Noob: "Hey, someone come heal me! Heal me!"

Gamer: "Fuck you, you second chance slut" (walks up to second chance slut in game and shot with gun repeatedly but does not heal and walks off allowing the noob to recieve a death)
by TERRORMOTO December 14, 2010
The engaging in coitus or sexual pleasures during the first hours of the morning (aka. sex at midnight or 12:00 AM). This act can involve two or more people but can also extend to self pleasure.

Related: Afternoon delight
John watched as his girlfriend engaged in some lustful midnight delight with another, much older and experienced woman. John was aroused.
by TERRORMOTO June 2, 2017
An item that will not get downvoted into utter oblivion and has the ability to rake in loads of glorious, supple karma once posted to the front page of the internet, known only as reddit.
Derp: "Holy sassafraz Derpo, look over there, its a black jewish midget on 10ft stilts holding a pipe and petting a very fat cat!"

Derpo: "That is totally reddit worthy. Quickly take a picture before he shape shifts back to Oz!"
by TERRORMOTO July 20, 2012
In a first-person shooter video game's online multiplayer (ex. Call of Duty: Black Ops), it is when no matter what the online player does or what gun he or she changes to, the player can never seem to get their aim on the enemy. This usually results in the player shooting all around the foe and and never hitting them thus resulting in the them being shot and killed by such enemy(s) over and over; very frustrating. Symptoms can last anywhere from a hour to a week and in the worst cases longer. Cause is still unknown. Cure is still also unknown but usually some good fast food or some vaginal sex helps relieve the condition; oral sex has also been documented to help.
Gamer 1: "Dude its no use, I think I have bad-aim syndrome to the max. I can't shoot anyone."

Gamer 2: "Damn, change something up quickly or hey even better take my girl for the night and clear that up and get better."
by TERRORMOTO December 24, 2010
The simple-minded, over zealous followers and lovers of all things Apple. Worshipers of Steve Jobs, these people are known for spending ridiculous amounts of money just to have a picture of apple with a bite taken out of it on their electronics regardless of product performance or quality. Apple could come out with kuzoo and charge $100 for it and these people would still buy it. Apple sheep are often seen wasting countless days of their life putting work and families (not their moms) on hold waiting for the next Apple product. When these people discover news of Apple products or their leader Steve Jobs being down-graded and criticized they almost immediately get very, very cross and red in the face almost always resulting in them requiring to use their inhaler, only after which they then attempt to no avail pitifully defend their beloved Apple. These people can usually be seen driving a Prius while listening to Coldplay (on their plugged in ipod of course). Commonly referred to plainly as sheep.
I just saw an Apple Sheep getting a tattoo of Steve Jobs on his arm while waiting in line for the next ifill-in female sanitary product.
by TERRORMOTO March 10, 2011