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I am a strong believer of veritas, i have never lied in my life.
by Marco December 11, 2003
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The Veritas are an organized group of young authors on fanfiction. They strive to make Fanfiction (generally the Percy Jackson and the Olympians fandom) a better place with constructive criticism and sometimes flaming, or harsh, harsh reviews of a story.
With its lack of spelling, grammar, and punctuation, the story just ASKED to be flamed by the Veritas.
by Winter Child June 21, 2010
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Synonymous with truth, word, and yeah when used in the specific context as outlined below.

This term bedecks the Harvard University flag. It is the University's motto.
Person A: "Dude, that guy is really drunk."

Person B:"Veritas, yo."
by MiDnIghTBlaZe March 21, 2004
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The ultimate state of self-actualization; The ultimate state of fulfillment to oneself, one's vision, and one's greater community.
We spend our lives seeking the ultimate state being, veritas.
by thelonelypoetic August 07, 2018
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