being choosen second over something/someone else
The asshole left me for her and then tried to come back to me making me the second best and rebound girl!
by Certified in life December 30, 2011
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It means inferior, next best, next to best, nothing special, second-rate.
Not as good as the best. Not exactly what you want, not perfect.
I'm sorry if I made you feel second-best.
A second-best solution.
by Gisela August 2, 2007
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Second best is the person beneath the first best person who would be Pierce. Jenna is the second best
For example Jenna is the second best well who’s the first best oh that’s Pierce.
by Pporte1 January 4, 2021
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A best friend you can always relay on, if your actual best friend is not around, or not available for the time being. You often talk to them on facebook or text them a lot.
Anna, and Ray are second best friends, they always relay on each other when their other best friends are not around.
by retzo May 17, 2011
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