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'Fedupness' is what mothers get filled up with when they constantly have to tell a child off for being disobedient. The child, however, of course thinks it's totally unfair for the mother to be like that.
"Mum's full of fedupness again. Had a real go at me last night for no reason at all."
by mimbijones April 24, 2015
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A perhapponism is a fear of something that may happen in the future, but which is magnified out of all proportion so that it dominates all your thinking.
I keep on having a perhapponism that if I do go on a walking safari in Africa it will be my last. I know it's irrational to think this because the safari guides have all got rifles and there aren't any really dangerous animals where we would be going anyway.
by mimbijones January 10, 2018
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A person who has nothing good to say about almost anything or anyone, and who usually manages to say it in such a vicious or extremely sarcastic way that those people who are listening always want to make immediate excuses to leave and be somewhere else
"She is a right addermouth that one - probably been like it since birth"
by mimbijones April 4, 2015
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A person (usually an adult) who is so terribly overweight and cumbersome that you just know the mattress wont be able to take the strain and that the bed will audibly crack and then sag like a broken matchstick when the overweight person gets onto it - usually by throwing themselves backwards onto the bed.
Wow! Look at the gross size of that man - bet he's a bed-killer.
by mimbijones June 28, 2015
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The type of person who whines and whinges away very loudly in public about something that is utterly irrelevant to everybody in the vicinity. The person whose type of loud whiny voice you just cannot escape from - particularly if you trying to enjoy a meal in a nice restaurant, or if you are on a train journey, or somewhere quiet just trying to read a good book. The 'bleatchild' arrives and his or her voice then infects everyone's personal space for yards and yards around.
"That irritating bleatchild sitting four tables away from us is really going to spoil my meal - are you okay if we just walk out now before ordering? I just can't stand that type of voice!"
by mimbijones April 2, 2015
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A 'hackback' is when you devastatingly (and at exactly the correct moment) cut through a flow of verbal abuse being directed at you - by using your own brutally accurate observations about your assailant's lack of intelligence, lack of good looks etc. All of those then pale into insignificance, as with rapier-like accuracy, you finally observe that your assailant is also well known in his or her peer group, as being someone who is completely unable to string any sentence together that lacks at least ten repeated swear words.
"Who says words can't kill? I looked at the bully and then chose my exact moment to deliver him a killer hackback. He left me and my friends completely alone after that."
by mimbijones April 4, 2015
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Being germ-polite is when you do not sneeze or cough all over someone next to you when you are full of flu or cold germs. Nor do you sneeze or cough into your hand and then shake someone else's hand. Neither is your house germ-polite if you allow your cat to walk over the kitchen surfaces or the dining room table without then wiping them clean. Nor are you germ-polite if you stroke your cat or dog or other pet and then, without first washing your hands, you touch food that other people are going to eat.
Crikey - I hate going to eat at that person's house - it's not germ-polite. They let that horrible, dribbly cat of theirs walk all over their kitchen work surfaces. And no I am not a paranoid-android I just don't like people sharing their germs with me!
by mimbijones October 14, 2015
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