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being choosen second over something/someone else
The asshole left me for her and then tried to come back to me making me the second best and rebound girl!
by Certified in life December 30, 2011
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A moment (usually during a survey or social experiment) when someone just bull shits an answer or when someone is an asshole in general ( basically saying being an asshole is a mental disability which is obviously not okay)

This guy just fucking cut me off damn it asshole complex"
by Certified in life February 4, 2019
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1. Great and the Best. It is commonly meshed together to form grest.

2. An interesting way to say great breasts.

3. A typo
1. That adorable bear is the Grest.
2. She got dem grests. Like damn baby!
3. That bear is the grestest. He likes to ride on roombas and hide under couches and attack toes
by Certified in life February 3, 2019
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