A girl to fall back on for guys who just got dumped.
There are several girls in a class you can fall back onto after getting dumped, also called a rebound girl.
by Janey-England August 21, 2006
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A girl used on the sideline by a guy if he thinks his relationship is going to end, he will keep her there.

The guy will stay with his girlfriend usually and will keep another girl close to him while dating the other girl and the "friend" will be like a tease and when he gets dumped the tease will be his new girl.

The girl will be used as a "plan B" kinda thing.

Also known as USING.
Thomas: Yo! Brad what's with the new hot chick over there?

Eric: Nahhh man! Not what you're thinking.. she ain't my girl.. yet.

Thomas: Ohhh.. she your rebound girl eh?

Eric: Yupp!
by IKnowIt203 July 23, 2009
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A girl every guy goes to right after the end of his relationship. She is led on to think she has a chance of dating said guy. She is usually sweet and will fall for it every time. The guys usually never talk to her after they've been satisfied with their rebound time. Rarely ever has a boyfriend.

Girl 1: I heard Emma went on dates with a bunch of guys, but never saw them again.

Girl 2: Really? She must be a chronically rebounded-on girl.
by tinkerpink July 25, 2011
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when you're tryna clear your head, like a palate-cleanser before dating again: a rebound gal might just be your jam~
"oh you can't your ex outta your head? sucks. can be your rebound girl if you wanna ö.ö"
by V, just V. June 17, 2022
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