Lots of Seattleites think they are victims of government or capitalism. "Look what you've done with my life!" or "How dare you impose this government upon me!" is their furious motto. They hang out in little revolutionary coffee shops plotting their next direct action or meaningless protest. Some may openly flaunt Communist badges or paraphernalia. Other Seattleites are ginormous yuppies so full of themselves their hot ego fog blinds their ability to see anything clearly. These people drive around in some trendy hybrid dick-ass car or bike to work (knowing nothing of vehicular cycling) making SURE they disobey every single traffic law possible while looking like a total spandex assfag. Then, there are the "true" Seattleites who were born here and basically think other Seattleites deserve to be executed. These are the silent urban trolls who will violently attack any innocent conversation traveling their direction. "You're not from here? ARE YOU! (motherfucker implied)" is a beautiful and customary greeting of the natives. Everyone in Seattle pretty much completely despises everyone else in Seattle for living in THEIR Seattle. Seattleites are officially the world's most pussified and temperamental people that have ever existed.
Hey hey -- ho ho -- Seattleites have got to GO!
Solidarity against Seattleites!!!
by hotForSTALIN April 09, 2011
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I hate all of you fucking pretentious, dirty, smelly, ugly liberals that populate such a God-forsaken hell hole. You go around thumbing your nose at any and everything that is not exactly like you or doesn't fit perfectly into the way your shriveled little brain works. Your flannel shirts can fuck off. Your 501's suck. Your motherfucking goddamn teva's are DISGUSTING and even you know that Birkenstocks are just flatout wrong. The majority of women are seriously fucked up in the head (headcase, psycho bitch) and would not think twice about fucking your best friend and then telling you about it, just because you kept her goddamn (insert any object here) for too long. And I've never in my life seen such a pathetic bunch of whiny, pessimistic, obnoxious-for-no-reason, DELUDED, closeted males. Seattleites hate everything, including other Seattleites and especially non-natives. It's because they all have rain brain. Gee, do you think it can rain for ANOTHER day in a row? Anyone seen Noah?
Tourist: Hi, how are you?
Seattleites: (in their cheesiest, fakest tone possibe, aka just acting normal) ..oh, hi!
Tourist: Beautiful city you have here.
Seattleites: (looking tourist over like he/she is a giant piece of shit) Do I know you? (passive-aggressively walks away to go home and cry for 10 hours)
Tourist: Ok, well go ahead and walk off now, lib. Oh, hey, C U Next Tuesday! C'mon lets get the fuck out of this God-forsaken hell hole. And Lord! please!! ENOUGH WITH THE MOTHER-FUCKING RAIN!!!!
by Seatthell January 27, 2007
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A person who is from Seattle or conforms to become a Seattle resident. This person is more than likely white, comes from a rich family, had every opportunity to succeed and are college educated. They are all politically and socially liberal yet Seattle is the whitest major city in the USA. They act as if they emphasize with the poor or minorities yet they live in neighborhoods lacking diversity, segregated and gentrified. When greeting one, they rarely acknowledge you or return the gesture. They own a apple laptop computer which in their mind represents that they are artistic or unique. Usually this specimen can be found in a coffee shop atleast twice a day.
I met a Seattleite that said hello to me and i crapped my pants!
by mogwtfbbqu July 05, 2009
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1. Person living in Seattle.
2. Person in love with soulless zombies, because it takes one to know one.
3. A soulless zombie.
4. A heartless person who doesn't know the meaning of a committed relationship with one person; i.e. is into polyamory because they can't feel emotion.
5. Person who shows an overwhelmingly exuberant "happy" emotion to cover up the lack of real emotion, or alternately to cover up true emotion, with fake smiles and caffeine induced energy.
6. Person who lives in Seattle and despite the bad weather which leads to the above symptoms, and despite the fact that Seattle has to have everything even if it reduces the quality of those things, and despite the fact that WA has poorly designed roads, still proclaims that Seattle is the best place in the world.
A Seattleite is anyone with the above symptoms.
by I_live_in_Everett November 22, 2012
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A wimp who drinks lots of coffee that lives in Seatle... But these wimps are cool, although people in Tacoma (which is right beneith Seatle on the map) are better!!!

Seattle is also known for it's production of really cool musicians.
That talented floutist is from Seatle, and I've never seen someone drink so much coffee!
by janetjet December 22, 2004
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