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A double reed is neccessary for playing bassoon or oboe. It's the part that you blow on to make the sound that is then carried throughout the instument. It is usually made of two pieces of bamboo that are tied together at the base, but I have seen some made of plastic.

Serious musicians make their own double reeds, but beginners and the like can just buy them from Ted Brown or other music store.

You must soak them before playing the instument, 'cus if you don't it's REALLY hard to sound good.
In order to play my bassoon, I must first soak my reed.
by janetjet July 22, 2005
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A flute is an instument made of siver and produces a tone that is the highest in a band(tonewise that is, although if you don't breathe properly, you get light-headed and start acting funny).

A flutes range varies on the experience of the person playing it.

A flute is concert pitch, which means you don't have to transpose
What a lovely flute you have!
by janetjet March 21, 2005
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A group of persons who play or produce music.
Those musicians put on quite a show, I've never heard such good music!
by janetjet December 22, 2004
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A wimp who drinks lots of coffee that lives in Seatle... But these wimps are cool, although people in Tacoma (which is right beneith Seatle on the map) are better!!!

Seattle is also known for it's production of really cool musicians.
That talented floutist is from Seatle, and I've never seen someone drink so much coffee!
by janetjet December 22, 2004
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The best class you could possibly take in high school! Your average high school band will consist of: flutes and too many of them, clairinets, saxaphones(most ranges), maybe an oboe or two, trumpets, trombones, a few low reeds, a few low brass, and percussoin/drums.

The drummers often are seen as incrediably stupid, flutes are often seen as annoying or useless (much to my regret), and the list of instumental steriotypes could continue forever.

High school bands do a variety of activities. We march in parades, we perform concerts, sell candy bars to fund band trips, we perform in regional contests, and always have a good time!

Most people see band geeks as strange, abnormal, and/or worthless beings not worthy of existance. However, I say this to all who has insulted a band geek: Who is it that plays at your football amd basket ball games? Who is it that plays for pep assemblies/rallies?

Don't make fun of band geeks, they make the band. Especially floutists or they'll play a vicious high G just for you!
See that gut over there with the black pants, white shirt, funny bow tie and a trumpet? He is in the BAND.
by janetjet March 14, 2005
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Some say it is the best place on Earth.

It is a place where every summer, a group of like minded, geeky and goofy kids with instuments all migrate to a common place to spend a week or two (three if you're serious) playing their instuments with each other. It is also a place where it's OK to wear your glasses instead of contacts.
The first time I ever went to summer camp, I went to BAND CAMP! And shall continue to do so....
by janetjet March 21, 2005
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A bassoon is a musical instument that some say looks like a bong. Traditionally, it's made of wood, but they can be made of this crappy plastic stuff. (plastic bassoons don't sound near as nice as the wooden ones.)

Bassoons produce a dark rich tone in the hands of an experienced player. However, anyone else sounds like they're killing a large beast.

Bassoons require a double reed.
He started playing bassoon last October and sounded terrible, but now he's great!
by janetjet March 20, 2005
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