A polite way of calling someone a cunt.
" Fuckin C U Next Tuesday Bastard!"
by amy-jay November 27, 2004
1. cunt
2. a terrific song by Kesha about an unnamed guy she's calling a cunt
1. That girl I met yesterday is a C U next Tuesday.
2. "C U Next Tuesday" is my seventh favorite song on Kesha's Cannibal album.
by Ponchy8 November 20, 2011
A discrete way to describe someone who is rude, bitchy, demanding or a douchebag.

The first letter of each word is taken to spell C-U-N-T.
Boss: These reports you gave me are terrible. I don't even know why we keep you here. Have you learned anything in your two years at our firm?

Employee: Yes, I have learned that you're a real C U Next Tuesday.


Who invited Brad, that dudes a C U Next Tuesday...
by wake101 August 5, 2009
You dont wanna call that lady a cunt. So call her a C U Next Tuesday. You want your buddy to know what you really think, tell him that lady is a C U Next Tuesday.
That customer was a C U Next Tuesday.
My ex girlfriend is a C U Next Tuesday.
You are being a C U Next Tuesday.
Will you please stop being a C U Next Tuesday.
School, church, work, family dinner, whenever you feel the need to drop the C-bomb, now you can.
by ActionJem August 2, 2008
an acronym for cunt, to be used when around your parents or school teacher
That girl is a c u next tuesday.
Hey c u next tuesday asshole.
by tucks September 25, 2005