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The greatest Nation the world has ever seen. Sealand is a awesome old fort off the coast of England. Not to be confused with sealworld. You can find a Sealand in a box or playing strange Japanese games. It might make noises like: Kawaii : or : Desu yo: if approached!

Never place a Sealand next to a England. They will start a fight.
"Have you seen that wanker with the hat running around Ikea? "

"Aw man, must be a sealand!"
by The realPeter Kirkland July 08, 2013
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The Principality of Sealand is an independent nation. It lies seven miles off the coast of England, east of the port of Felixstowe.

It started life as a military installation in the North Sea, operated by Britain's Royal Navy, and termed "HM Fort Roughs". In 1967, Major 'Paddy' Roy Bates moved onto the abandoned installation and declared its independence as the Principality of Sealand, himself becoming Prince Roy of Sealand.

In 1968, a British court ruled that Sealand was not part of the UK - Britain had no jurisdiction there.

A team of German and Dutch mercenaries stormed Sealand in 1978, but Prince Roy was able to retake the fort.

Prince Roy passed away in 2012, having previously designated his son Michael as his successor. He became Prince Michael of Sealand on 9 November 2012.

Sealand has recently formed a national football team which competes at international level (the highlight being two 2-1 wins over Alderney), and hosts a fledgling data haven company called HavenCo.
A lot of people got to know Sealand through Hetalia, but it's a fascinating nation even without the Hetalia connection.

Don't expect to see Sealand in the World Cup any time soon - their national football team's not allowed in FIFA.
by Lord of Sealand August 23, 2013
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A micronation located near England, probably the most famous mictonation. Sealand is an abandoned fort. Represented in Hetalia, Scandinavia and the World, and Polandball, by Sealand aka Peter Kirkland, Sealand, and Sealandball.
(APH) I'm Sealand, desu yo!

(SatW) Fuck off Sealand! You're a fucking ugly maunsell sea fort!

(Polandball) Relevant relevant. Sealand stronk!
...Sealand cannot into relevant
by sealandreich October 24, 2016
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An awesome micro nation near England. The most awesome place in the world. Germany and UK's daughter, who's boss of the Awesome Family Mafia. NOT SEAWORLD!
Sealand is a pimp, dude.
by PrincipalityofSealand July 25, 2010
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