1. The only town in Britain to look at Ipswich with envy.

2. Nothing really happens, except pretentious 14-year-old chav wannabees bunk off school.

3. Big port. Without it, lots of British people would probably die.
1. "Yeah, I took the train to Ipswich on Saturday."

2. "Fuck u bruv, I is well gonna merc u up!"

3. I can see Felixstowe's port from my window.
by liastd September 4, 2006
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Felixtowe is a town filled to the brim with chavs and ‘fish people’

Truly is a town that you never leave, everyone born there manages to somehow never leave
‘Bruv I’m from felixstowe innit’

‘Wanna go maccys to join the chavvy Felixstowe academy kids’
by Youreanass27 September 28, 2019
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A place full of Chavs, chav shops and a general shit hole on the East of Suffolk. Has a major international port. Used to be a big holiday resort town. By the beach.
i cum from flixsto init

You Chav.

Felixstowe is full of chavs, it's chav breeding zone!
by Alecstacy August 5, 2006
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One of the many tramps in our world, Patrick resides on the streets of Felixstowe, a small town belonging to Chavs and O.A.Ps.
Patrick is not a rare sighting, you may spot him on the local bus service, at the Triangle (centre of the town) or strolling along the promenade.
He is often seen talking to himself but is perfectly sane...
The Triangle Patrick Felixstowe Tramp Tramp Of Felixstowe Patrick Of Felixstowe
by jmajorlike April 23, 2009
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felixstowe academy is a school filled with furrys, chavs, and fatass teachers. they put you in iso for no reason and the teachers have no self control. year 10s go round barking at people, it’s best you just reply with ‘shut up furry’ the year 8s nonce on year 7s
p1- ‘yo fam what school you go to’
p2- ‘felixstowe academy init breve
p1 ‘ha ‘
by spider-man’s wife December 31, 2022
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