The situation whereby you have interaction with a female who is sufficiently wet leaving your penile glands in a semi-erect state and are unable to amass a sufficient amount of blood to transform the gland to a fully erect penis in order to penetrate the said female.
I was going to secure the pipe but i had a semi by the sea
by Choosenan March 13, 2019
a skank of the sea used for girls that live by the beach and have intercourse on the sand or in those nasty beach bathrooms
martin luther king: look at them bikini girls over on the south beach!
george washington: those are nothing but sea skank
by locust554 November 16, 2006
Sea Hag
“Sea Hags” are found in most coastal communities in Southern California and in many other beach environments throughout the world. They usually were cursed from early age with having large breasts and developed “out of control” egos from over attention by horny boys and men. They tend to have bleached blond hair and favor green & blue eye shadow. They are mostly loud, over- dramatic, gossipy and are recovering alcoholics, coke heads, etc. They belonged to the “mean girl” crowd in high school and enjoyed making fun of geeks or the fat kids at school. One major indicator sign of a “Sea Hag” are the Christian “Born Again” bumper stickers on their cars…such as “TRUTH,” “The Chosen” etc.
They usually dress 20+ years younger than their age and from a distance might look attractive in a cheap “Barbie doll/hooker” sort of way, but up close, their shallow contempt emanates through their caked on makeup which easily betrays their age. On contact with a Sea Hag a feeling of mistrust and revulsion will come upon you due to the putrescence emanating from their lost souls.

All Sea Hags are trouble-makers and several of their favorite past-times are sleeping with married men, pitting men in fights against each other over them in bars and befriending people to later betray them for their own selfish ends.

The origin of “Sea Hag” might come from the Popeye cartoon character.
Nina is such a "Sea Hag."
by Ian De La Rosa June 13, 2013
Sea-Man is a newly made super hero. He is the ruler of the sea and all aquatic life that lives in it. He responds to help all over the world on his flying Sperm Whale "Spermy". He has many foes including his Arch nemesis "The Molester".
Sea-Man is always there to save the day, and will bring villains to their knee's.
by tractorandababy14 April 13, 2011
The result of taking a crap in the ocean, aka code brown when executed in a pool.
Ryan: Sarah and I were doing a deep dive and she dropped a deuce at about 45 feet right in her wet suit.

Jill: I had heard about the sea turdle, though never known someone to actually see one hatched in person.
by the coMANd'r October 27, 2014
single; unattached (and usually happy about it); the ability to date and/or sleep with whoever you want, whenever you want and have multiple sexual partners.

(derived from the expression "there are plenty of fish in the sea").
Glen Quaqmire - "heh heh diggity diggity...yeah man...freedom of the sea....nothin' like it in the whole wide world....diggity dggity...heh heh heh...awwwwwwwwlriiiight!"
by Polo August 26, 2006
A sea-hank is a woman with a salty, fishy vagina. She resembles a hobo, only with a more queefy smell. Sea-hanks tend to flock around boys who listen to metal and have long, curly hair.
"Did you see Nathaniel?! He hooked up with a sea-hank!!"
"If you want to get laid just play some metal and the sea-hank will flock to you like a giant cloud of pussy dildos."
by Jsqueezy122293 August 30, 2011