Sea-Man is a newly made super hero. He is the ruler of the sea and all aquatic life that lives in it. He responds to help all over the world on his flying Sperm Whale "Spermy". He has many foes including his Arch nemesis "The Molester".
Sea-Man is always there to save the day, and will bring villains to their knee's.
by tractorandababy14 April 13, 2011
A slang for cum when he is sailing in orgasmic fluids. one individual thread of semen.
by Eduardo January 10, 2005
A flaming super-hero who wear purple tights.He thinks he is a hero of the sea but in reality he's a flamer with a flaming name.
Look! it's SEA-MAN....*everyone laughs*
by RAD 8] April 26, 2003
A nickname for a sailor.
(person 1) Hey are you choking on that chicken Sea Man ?!
(person 2) What the fuck
by Soarosugaming August 28, 2021
when a boy cums and shits on the girls face, then makeing them a Chocolate Sea Man (semen.
I turned Judy into the Chocolate Sea Man last night.
by r buss February 18, 2008