Sperm whales can grow to 52ft long and up to 77,000lb - 130,000lb. The reason they can become so big is because they live for a long time, 60 to 70 years to be exact. They have one of the largest global distributions for any whale in the world. They can range from the equator to the Arctic and Antarctic oceans. The sperm whales prefer to live in deep water. Because of being a toothed whale, they do not eat krill like all whales with baleen. Instead they eat sharks, squid, skates, and deep water fish. The whales are endangered because of whaling and other deep sea fishing. It is important to help save these amazing and magnificent creatures.
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1. A large women who likes to be ejaculated on.
2. A large whale who likes to be ejaculated on.
Pete: Why did you go home with that large women?
Mully: Dude, she is a sperm whale.
Pete: Oh. Then kudos to you.
by Bernard Bangwanger September 24, 2011
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When you let a nose-pierced fatty suck your cock and just before you blow your load, you shove your dick up to the whore's nose hole and let loose. Then you watch as the sperm shoots out the whale's blow hole.
My fat neighbor kept on beggin' for some vitamin D and I hadn't nutted for quite some time, so I let the whale go down on Moby Dick. I filled the beasts nasal cavity with so much baby gravy, it shot out the whale's piercing hole and stained my rug! A new species of Sperm Whale has been discovered!....true story.
by Mud E. Worm May 3, 2010
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A guy who likes to skeet in hot tubs and swimming pools
Girl #1: Do not go into the hot tub after T. has been in it, he stealth masturbates under the bubbles

Girl #2: Ewww gross

Girl #1: Sperm whale alert!
by sarasplayroom.com April 4, 2010
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When someone ejaculates into a cup of water and drinks it.
Guy 1: yo, me and the boys dared Will to do a sperm whale last night
Guy 2: omg eww
by iaminsidebarakobama March 23, 2020
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