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The daily webcomic by the creators of Toothpastefordinner and Natalie Dee, generally a little off-the-wall and at least chuckle-invoking. Each update is a Victorian-style drawing (thing) with the punchline generally being delivered by the text.

"MTTS" debuted February 13, 2006 and has gained considerable popularity, or so one would think. There is a store where you can buy bags or shirts for a decent price, like TPFD and ND.

"Oh god. People are still reading Hamlet? Jesus. I wrote that shit in like one fortnight. I owed some people some money, you know what I'm saying? Shakespeare got to get paid, son."

The first Married to the Sea comic, with the above quote next to a picture of Shakespeare.
by Hans le Noir October 22, 2006
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Married to the sea means you are to busy to get married. The origin of the phrase came from the tendency of seafaring men to stay unmarried because of their commitment to their ship, which kept them at sea for long periods of time where women were scarce. The phrase is also used today to describe the habitually single who are unlikely, or unwilling to wed.
by The Old Tramp June 30, 2018
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