The act of sticking your finger in someone's butthole and it clinches up like a Sea Urchin does when you poke your finger in one. Particularly effective if you say "Sea Urchin" as you make the move.
Ha! Stacy was bending down to grab her purse and I gave her a sea urchin.
by C.JO June 2, 2004
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A gym rat who thinks they're tough with the most ridiculous ego know to man. A person who thinks that they are gods gift to beer pong when really they are the lowest of the low.
Hey guys someone just trolled. Its probally that sea urchin James Relish Taylor
by reckless54 October 11, 2013
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One who is known for curving every guy they come in contact with.
Their are other fish in the sea, but she's a sea urchin.
by Pwoww June 10, 2014
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Slang term for semen, due to the texture of the sushi form of this spiny echinoderm being very similar to that of human male ejaculate, like that feeling when rubbed in between your fingers, but in your mouth.

Also referred to as "Urchin".
"Luckily the suspect left a good sea urchin sample in the tea kettle after stealing all the footwear in the house."

"Wow, she is hurtin' for some urchin."

"Sea Urchin anyone?"

"When using a condom be sure to squeeze the reservoir tip so there is no air in it because the condom may malfunction when the sea urchin is released into it."

"I just urchinned my pants."
by The Crimson Platypus January 8, 2011
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A form of making love under water in a replica of a giant oyster, without a breathing aparatus. Frequent breaths are needed in order to stay alive.
My lover and I were engaged in a very dangerous, but erotic, sea urchin.
by John January 9, 2004
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Synonym : Uni (pronounced Oo-ni), Mango
A black person who acts like an Asian. Black outside, yellow inside.
There are so many Sea Urchins here in Chinatown! I don't know why.
by Shiine-1 May 6, 2022
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