A mixture of Skanky and Cunt bitch whores who has many desires to sexually exploit herself in an insatiable manner to where she becomes mentally thwart and has now developed a crabby bitch attitude at extreme rate and has become nasty in many aspects of being without hygiene as it manifests bacteria across her body as it takes over her epidermis completely along with her attitude that is beyond decrepid in epic proportions.
My brothers first and second wife were among two of the most top grades Scunts to ever whore their nasty asses around town daily to provide the city with their endless amount of crabs and infectious diseases.
by Nacho Cheez December 10, 2016
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When you really have to call her a stupid cunt but your in a hurry.
Wife: blah blah blah blah blah blah!!!!

Husband: ok got it, running late to work scunt!!!
by Joe the garza May 29, 2016
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vulgar slang
a Scabby Cunt
a woman's scabby or crusty genitals.
a dirty-smelling, unpleasant or stupid person.
what you say when 'cunt' just won't cut it.
I asked if I could reuse the bottle she farted in, but she was being a scunt and refused.
If you like gross, fling that chic a fitty and she'll show you her scunt.
That scunt will suck your dick for a budgie.
by Justsplashin January 31, 2015
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A person who uses other peoples stuff but never has any of their own. Usually refering to cannabis or cigarettes.
Me: "I went to his house and he smoked my draw then kicked me out"
Someone: "Stu is such a scunt"
by iCon July 25, 2005
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A name for Closed Circuit Television Systems (CCTV). This was coined by Stephen Fry on his podcast "Stephen Fry's Podgrams" to give CCTV a more ugly and subversive name.
A graffiti artist may spray on a wall; "One nation under Scunt"
by The Lord Byron March 9, 2009
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