An asshat Scout main who thinks hes hot shit and uses lenny binds and wear lime green or neon pink hats
Scunt: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Anyone else: scunt
by Diggus Bickus September 24, 2017
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Someone who mains the Scout class in TF2 so they can piss everyone in a server off. These people probably have Lenny binds and generally hate fun and friendlies.
I fucking HATE Scunts dude, they’re like Broomstick Pricks but in TF2
by Driver_Nephi July 25, 2019
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A term coined by Kusa, referring to the Scout character on the popular videogame TF2, as cunts
these scunts and their shotguns
by Swimmingperson August 11, 2017
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A combination of a skank and a cunt.
Shes such a scunt!

N:Dub is a ignorant scunt
by master of the scunt October 24, 2004
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Scunt - A scumbag and a cunt combined into one hurtful slur. "Scunt" is used to define a person who is low brow, scummy, and just an all in all cunt. Common traits of a scunt include farting in locked cars, stealing beer from parties, and reckless driving in traffic.
Bob: Hey, did you hear about what James did the other night? I heard he rocked up to the party and tried to bukkake a girl but got shut down by the other guys.

Billy: Oh god, what a scunt.
by arithegod January 19, 2015
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A derogatory term for someone who mains the Scout in Team Fortress 2. These players are often seen using the Force-A-Nature, Bonk, and the Sandman religiously as their weapons. The most common ones wear Gibbus hats, while the rarest ones wear lime green dyed clothes and maybe even a matching Unusual Hat.
"Can we kick a few of these Scunts off the server? Get some Medics or Engies in here, please."
by CaptainOppai August 8, 2018
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The portmanteau for Skanky Cunt
Combination of the words skanky and cunt.
A really dirty, nasty filthy, female.
That dumb scunt ran off and sucked some guy's balls for a fifty sack.
by the pupster September 7, 2007
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