A person from the north Lincolnshire village of Scunthorpe. Easley identified by there extra fingers and webbed toes caused by generations of interbreeding. It's natural habitat is pre 1970's single wheel based towable 3 berth mobile homes were up to 15 scunts can reside at one time.
Jon - going to the football today fred?

Fred - no mate, we are away at Scunthorpe, the ground in like a sardine can and I don't think I can take the Oder of all those pikey scunts.
by Roach burglar December 2, 2012
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1 - An offensive word used to describe a women's genitalia. The root of the word, comes from the English derogatory word "cunt." The word itself is indigenous to the Caribbean and areas of Northern South America.

2 - The phrase can also be the combination of the words "cunt" and "skank."
1 - Suck your mother's scunt.

2 - What a total scunt.
by Team4Kira August 4, 2011
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mainly meaning "skanky cunt". However can be used in replace of sick cunt, slutty cunt, sloppy cunt, shit cunt and many others.
"That chick is such a scunt" Or
"Fuck your a scunt!!"
by J.Lloyd August 4, 2014
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Any bleach blonde haired lesbian names Stacey that digs for gold.
That Stacey is a scunt
by 2230 June 15, 2013
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1. A female side piece or “cunt on the side” whose only purpose is to fuck a guy outside his main relationship.

2. Girl who isn’t your main piece. She gets all your dick, some of your money, but none of your emotions.
“Man, I need you to tell my ol lady we were chillin together last night? Dude, were you smashing your scunt again? You know this! She’ll slurp it all the way up.”

“On Fridays I always go on dates with my wife but Saturday is reserved for my scunt.”
by AMICOS January 8, 2020
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A scunt is someone who is both selfish and a cunt. Often acting out on their privilege and entitlement with no regard to the health and safety of those around them. The pandemic brought out all the scunts!
“Did you hear how she went out shopping even with having someone actively test positive in their house?”

“Yeah I know, Timmi’s a total SCUNT”.
by J.0|-||\|R June 25, 2022
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