A type of Scout who steals a health pack from a teammate while having somewhere around 90-125 health and sometimes performs the Schadenfraude taunt.
Scunt: steals health pack
Heavy: wtf man
Scunt: schadenfraudes

Heavy wants to call a vote: Kick Scunt

Scunt: leaves
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A person native to the town of Scunthorpe, UK.
I say, that there young man is wearing a white track suit. He must be a Scunt.
by Smilerrrrrr May 31, 2007
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A term commonly used in the popular video game, Team Fortress 2, to describe someone who main the scout and only scout. Their cosmedics are painted pink or lime.
Scunts are the worst thing in tf2 ever!
by Mr. Crispy April 26, 2018
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A vaginal oder cream that is applied, hardened, and peeled off the exterior of the vagina. Eliminates horrible oder from the vagina and different smells are available. From strawberry to watermelon.
"Have you tried the new scunt 2.0, it has more flavors then ever.
by bladezzguy September 27, 2008
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Hybrid of the words skank and cunt. Definition (n) - A mean-spirited nymphomaniac.
She just stole my wallet after I let her sit on my face for an hour!! What a scunt!!
by jackarroyo92104 May 20, 2014
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Any stinky ugly stupid cunt named Maura McGrath
Stop being such a retarded scunt, you're going to make Maura McGrath jealous
by NPD Survivor November 9, 2018
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Scunt or Scunts, scum ( lowlife, user, abuser, master manipulator) / skank ( hoe, whore, home wrecker), Cunt ( a person who is downright rude, unbearable, always right even a tad stalkerish)
# You shove your nose in our relationship out of spite, jealousy and you say you love and want him your a fucking SCUNT!
# I have helped you over and over yet you still use me as your provider abusing my kindness your a SCUNT!
by pseudeom April 8, 2021
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