West Indian Slang (Patwa) used as an exclamation of surprise/shock. While it is a portmanteau, there is no right or wrong when it comes to which word gives the "s". Because of this, in the West Indies, it is never used to describe a person or object, only as an expletive exclamation.
Scunt!!! That 50,000 Volt shock hurt!

(Thanks to the guys from Ghana I work with for teaching me this, and many other, great patwa expressions).
by grendelum September 28, 2007
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A vaginal oder cream that is applied, hardened, and peeled off the exterior of the vagina. Eliminates horrible oder from the vagina and different smells are available. From strawberry to watermelon.
"Have you tried the new scunt 2.0, it has more flavors then ever.
by bladezzguy September 26, 2008
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vulgar slang
a Scabby Cunt
a woman's scabby or crusty genitals.
a dirty-smelling, unpleasant or stupid person.
what you say when 'cunt' just won't cut it.
I asked if I could reuse the bottle she farted in, but she was being a scunt and refused.
If you like gross, fling that chic a fitty and she'll show you her scunt.
That scunt will suck your dick for a budgie.
by Justsplashin January 30, 2015
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Scunt is a solid based vaginal cleanser that dries into a hardened shell. Removed with a hammer and pick, leaving the vagina smelling fresh and clean.
"Honey, your vagina smells awful, try a 5 gallon industrial sized scunt with a free aplicater brush"
by Bladezguy March 06, 2008
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A person who uses other peoples stuff but never has any of their own. Usually refering to cannabis or cigarettes.
Me: "I went to his house and he smoked my draw then kicked me out"
Someone: "Stu is such a scunt"
by iCon July 25, 2005
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