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A very unattractive, creepy guy at bar, who lurks, watches, and looks for women to hit on. He is also the unattractive, creepy guy on the dance floor who will attempt to dance with you multiple times and never get the hint that you don't want to.
"Look at all the guys in here, preying on all these chicks. What a bunch of scummies."

"He wanted to know what we were doing after this cause he wanted us to come over and "have fun". He's such a scummie."
by Jackie McNasty May 20, 2009
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Is a kathleen chicken head that will suck chicken feed off your pecker
AY man we went to the phases today and the scummies were cluckin like a bihhhh.
by JIZZLE/MY/NIZZLE July 19, 2010
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