A awesome YouTubed who makes fun of idiots on the internet. His best videos are about morgez making a huge fool out of himself on the internet with a bunch of 5 year old watching his channel he has super funny content so sub to him!
Scrubby is a god of a YouTuber
by Nathan’s-are-gods May 8, 2020
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Guy 1: Who is that really awkward guy standing alone in that corner over there?

Guy 2: Oh, that's just Scrubby.
by doubletroubl May 12, 2019
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A general compliment directed towards men, women, and trans people. Scrubby is generally used in Montana and Colorado.
Wow, John, you are so scrubby!
by Joan Bush December 26, 2016
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Adjective: dirty, unkempt, messy, slobby, unwashed

Noun: A slob; a person with poor hygene and shabby clothes who makes no effort to improve their appearance.
If you took a shower, shaved, and ironed your shirt, you wouldn't look so scrubby.
by bstokes June 13, 2006
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A three year old child splashing around in a bath full of bubbles whilst playing with their rubber ducky
Scrubbies is the scrubbiest child ever
by Scrubs diggity May 23, 2017
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Is a person that is a loser or a person no one wants on their team.
April is such a scrubbie she always screws everything up.
by JQ27 July 18, 2005
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Jesse is so old he actually still uses the term 'scrubbie'.
by Apryl October 13, 2005
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